Client: Ministry of ICT, Bangladesh

DRISTY can recognise daily life essential items for free


Recognize Everything

Recognise a wide variety of objects at a rate of three times a second. Simply switch on the "General" button, and it will start identifying what it sees through the camera. Recognising objects does not require an internet connection.

Recognize Plants and Animals

Identify over 2000 species of plants and animals, including dog breeds and bird species. Available through subscription.

Read Text

Read the text in multiple languages. Once you encounter a sign or document, you can switch to the "read text" button to read it out loud.

Recognize Food

Over 1000 dishes and food items can be recognised by simply waving your phone in front of them.

Recognize Colors

DRISTY can tell over 1400 colours apart. The list can also be simplified to a few through the settings if you are unfamiliar with most colour names.

Voice Over

For those with VoiceOver switched on, simply access the text above the buttons. For those who are sighted and do not require Voice Over, you can access the Speaking Voice setting to listen to what the app can see.