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Real-time Object Detection

Real-time object detection and tracking are challenging in computer vision. Due to its increased use in monitoring, security tracking systems have pushed us to create more efficient algorithms. Object recognition and tracking in real-time is complex due to changing environments and expensive computing. TiCON utilised fundamental object identification and tracking technologies to perform real-time object detection using the latest computer vision technology.


  • Pytorch(For training and implementation of models)

  • Camera API, Tensorflow Lite(for real-time detection)

  • Android(For object detection on the app)

Our Real-Time Object Detection Services

  • Real-time object detection for security cameras. Detect an object that should or shouldn’t be there and show it in a graph or send a notification based on desired logic

  • Wildlife or underwater object detection. An ML model, which is low in size and memory consumption, is used in an android-based device for roaming and detecting wildlife animals or creatures, underwater fish, and other creatures


Real-time Object Detection


Real-Time Object Detection Live Demo