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Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield of AI that combines linguistics and computing to make machine comprehension of human speech possible. Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows computers to evaluate large datasets, allowing you to locate relevant information quickly. With our Natural Language Processing services, machines can read and interpret data without human translators, making it possible to create machine learning solutions.


  • Natural language toolkit (NLTK)

  • TextBlob

  • PyTorch-NLP

  • PyTorch

  • Text-to-Speech(TTS)

  • Speech-to-Text(STT)

Natural language processing services

  • Email spam filters filter spam and take specified action when spam is found

  • Auto-translation based on input and desired output language

  • Sentiment analysis can work with feelings and take action based on the mood

  • Text summarisation to summarise a text (example: summarise a book/novel in 500 words)

  • Auto-correction of text, based on training with a specified set of rules

  • Predictive texts while writing

  • Recognition of spoken words (speech recognition & voice recognition)

  • Auto query response by analyzing the query and previous response


Natural Language Processing (NLP)


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