Client: WillCo Japan

Willy is a Multi-lingual chatbot that utilises the full power of Big Data, NLP, ML & Speech Recognition technology.


Day-to-Day task

We can now schedule alarms, scheduling/reminders, ask our bot to search anything for us, call any contact or number, Open any other app, Calculate simple equations, etc.


When making small talk with TiCON Chatbot , the bot can communicate with you with an excellent response. It can be enjoyable at the same time it can be very informative for you.


TiCON Chatbot is multilingual. Currently, it works in Bengali, English, Japanese & Korean. And have the ability to expand to any other language.

First 3D Model & Hardware

TiCON Chatbot is the first bot integrated with a hardware-based 3D model in Bangladesh & one of the few in the world. We are using the Android box for hosting the 3D model.

Big Data

We work with Big Data & NLP. With continuously ingesting more data, Willy is becoming smarter every day.




Willy Live Demo (Korean)


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