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Deep fakes are realistic photographs and videos manipulated by AI, and Deepfake videos are artificial images and sounds put together with machine-learning algorithms. Deepfake technology is used to manipulate media and replace a person’s appearance, voice, or both with similar artificial likenesses or voices.TiCON System Ltd. offers multiple types of use cases with DeepFake.


  • Pytorch(For training and implementation of deep learning models)

  • Django and Django Rest API(For backend deployment)

  • Javascript(For dynamic frontend)

  • HTML and CSS(For the frontend design)

Our DeepFake Services

  • TiCON Offers an immutable data trail to authenticate every photo or video. The only app embeds user identification, content, timestamp, and GPS positions in photographs and videos

  • Compelling & more realistic storytelling (instead of high-end CGI/VFX and KFX) technologies

  • News presentation & reporting with better privacy

  • Personalized customer service towards clients using specific voices through the chatbot

  • Artificially rendered historical characters to provide wisdom & knowledge formed by Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & machine learning




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