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Image Processing

Automated Machine Learning with Visual AI lets us use photos as data. TiCON automatically prepares, selects, and trains state-of-the-art deep learning models and proposes the optimum model for your use case.
Visual AI adds picture categorisation and regression to Automated Machine Learning but goes further. Our unique solution lets you employ graphics alongside numeric, category, calendar, and text elements.


  • Pytorch(For deep learning model development)

  • Tensorflow

  • NLP/SparkML

Our Image Processing Services

  • Start identifying what is seen through the camera without requiring an internet connection

  • Recognising plant and animal species, including several canine and avian varieties, is a valuable asset in many contexts

  • Recognise text & signs in several languages. We also have the "read text" option to read it out loud

  • Identify more than a thousand different foods with the Food Recognition feature

  • We have a color recognition system that can distinguish between over 1400 distinct hues


Image Processing


Image Processing Live Demo