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TiCON System Ltd. has empowered StartUps, SMEs, and enterprises with cutting-edge technology since 2007. TiCON has used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its own service deployment and to offer to clients for a decade. TiCON became Bangladesh's first STP in 2019. And offered AWS to new and existing clients in Korea, Japan, and Bangladesh.

TiCON works on all technologies requested by clients, including Over-the-top (OTT) Services, WEB services, SmartPhone Apps, AI/ML, Big Data Analysis, Audio/Video communication (one-2-one or conference system), Backend Services (APIs and scalable infrastructure), Solution Architecture Design, Consultation on all such services, and cloud-based in-house product development for various sized business organisations.

OTT platforms are TiCON's speciality. Content Matters' RabbitholeBD leveraged BlessBit to distribute live sports content to millions of users. TiCON delivered media content to over 400k people concurrently with nearly infinite scalability

BlessBit has its streaming engine, transcoder, authentication engine, content storage & delivery mechanism, and ad system. S3, CloudFront, Elastic Load Balancer, Elasticache, RDS Aurora MySQL, EC2. Security uses AWS KMS, and Elastic BeanStalk and CloudFormation for CI/CD. Cloudwatch and Cloudtrail monitor and audit logs. Overall security uses IAM, KMS, and VPC.

BlessBit is a turnkey solution/product. R&D is underway to offer BlessBit to clients more flexibly. On AWS, we use BlessBit-in-a-box (one-click deployment). We're also designing a BlessBit SaaS model.

TiCON System Ltd. built a chatbot using its algorithm and AWS services. Amazon SageMaker handles Machine Learning activities. We use Amazon Lex, Polly, Transcribe, Rekognition, and Translate. These services train chatbots with specified datasets to improve response accuracy. The chatbot can handle the weather, news, drive, music, etc.

eMeeting is TiCON's cloud-based video conferencing system. eMeeting offers outstanding virtual meeting and webinar solutions. eMeeting is adaptable and deployable for every company or use case. While TiCON develops the technology, AWS handles deployment and operation. Using EC2, S3, Cloudfront, Route53, ELB, API Gateway, and Lambda. Horizontal scaling and load balancing are used.

TiCON System has a cloud-based ERP system. BizPort ERP, designed for the food business, can be utilized by anyone. BizPort is a modular, lightweight, cloud-based ERP solution. ERP can be deployed on several sized EC2 instances, API Gateway and Lambda are prevalent. Elasticache is used to cache AWS Aurora Serverless. As we work with AI & ML, we're incorporating AI on BizPort for reporting and analytics.

TiCON deploys most services via AWS SES and SNS. ERP and other services use SQS. TiCON is also using BlockChain. TiCON System Ltd. is committed to providing our clients with the best customer service and goods.

TiCON's cloud migration engineers and consultants help clients with best industry practices.