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With PixAI, you can detect objects in an image or live camera feed using our real-time object detection technology. PixAI will localise the image and determine which class it thinks the thing belongs to. In some cases, it can name the object. PixAI can detect objects from 100s of different classes, but training with the specific class will enable detection of the object name. PixAI can also read the objects out loud using built-in TTS.

  • PixAI works with both Object Detection and Object Segmentation

  • E-commerce product image analysis & recommendation

  • Food analysis & food value determination

  • PixAI supports Digital image processing in medical visualisation, biometrics, self-driving vehicles, gaming, surveillance, law enforcement, etc

  • Detects and locate image objects—track items across frames

  • The model is suited for mobile devices and real-time applications, even on lower-end machines

  • Food analysis & food value determination

  • Use categories to filter away uninteresting stuff. Home, clothes, cuisine, plants, and locations are supported

  • Image processing and improving the quality of the processed image

  • Customize an image classification model to identify or filter object categories. Remove the image background to improve custom model performance



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