App Features

THEiA a persoanl asisstant software that intent to make your life easier. You can ask THEiA to do a list of tasks to help you with. For example to call a friend or a relative, to set your alarm at a specific time, to set a reminder for your scheduled task just by voice command.


Make your phone calls using THEiA ! Ask THEiA to make a call to a desired person in contact list or tell a number to call, THEiA will call that person for you.


Set your daily alarm ! Ask THEiA to set the alarm for you and tell the specific time. THEiA will set an alarm in your device.


Set reminders ! Ask THEiA to set the reminder then tell the date-time as well as about the event you need to remind, THEiA will set a reminder in your device for that event.


Ask THEiA to search anything for you ! You will get your serach results on screen.

Open App

Open and use any app which is already installed in your device through a voice command to THEiA !


Do you want to know weather information of your area or any other place? THEiA is here to help you !

Local time

Whenever you need to know time ask THEiA for that !


Open THEiA and say something or ask your question or give a command in Bengali it will response accordingly.

Send Message

Sennding messages to anyone from your device can be more easier through a voice command to THEiA !

Play Music

THEiA can be asked to play music from your device, you can also ask THEiA to skip, pause or stop a music !

Location Info

Whenever you need to know about any geographical location, ask THEiA and you will get all information about that location.


In any case if you find irrelevent answers from THEiA, you can contribute to make that answer better.

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